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One Stroke, Two Survivors
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Welcome to the One Stroke, Two Survivors website, a survival guide with a story. Ours.

Our Second Book
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Our First Book

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ONE STROKE, TWO SURVIVORS and LESSONS LEARNED were originally published in 2006 and 2007 by the Cleveland Clinic Press, now defunct. With few copies of our two books now available on the market, Herb and I have chosen to make these available for free download. There are no catches. We hope you’ll find value in what we’ve written in both our voices and pass these along to others as well. Many of the lessons we’ve learned in our almost 14 years post stroke are still pertinent and workable. They helped us to navigate the difficult journey back to the land of the living. If you feel so inclined, we encourage you to make a contribution to the National Stroke Association, National Heart Association, or your local stroke chapter. That’s up to you. Good luck!

Berenice E. Kleiman